Sept. 16, 2014


MILWAUKEE — LATEST FLAME RECORDS announces the Sept. 23, 2014, release of Chicago-based sound artist Karl J. Palouček’s sophomore album, Sail (LFR45). Initially started in 1994, Sail was composed and recorded over the course of 20 years, and finally completed this year in a flurry of creative energy. Sail immerses the listener into Palouček’s universe of sounds, from a quartet of sewing machines to shimmering clock gongs; tuned avalanches of steel pipes to the soothing tones of pipe organ and brass. It’s an accurate and detailed portrait of a richly imagined world.

“I think I was unconsciously aiming for a terrain somewhere between the Penguin Café Orchestra and Mnemonists,” Palouček says. “I may have missed that precise area by a few yards, but where I did land feels wonderful to my ears, and, I hope, to anyone who takes the chance to listen to it. I have to say that I worked pretty hard on this release, and for me, it really paid off.”

Through the years, several engineers assisted Palouček on the numerous sessions for Sail, both in studio and out in the field. Primary recording was done with Bill Stace at Walls Have Ears studio in Milwaukee, employing the vast open space of its downstairs Miramar Theatre. Various alternate sessions were completed on location with Soundelux sound designer Peter Zinda (American Beauty; Kill Bill: Vol. 1; The Hunger Games) and Chris Rosenau (Collections of Colonies of Bees; Volcano Choir).

Sail is not Palouček’s first appearance on Latest Flame Records. In 2010, Latest Flame released the long-lost 1995 album by Milwaukee’s percussion-heavy rock ensemble Fuckface, featuring Palouček on metal percussion. The label also sneaked an initial solo effort of Palouček’s onto its 10-year anniversary compilation, 10 Years and Building.

Prior to Sail, Palouček spent more than 25 years honing his vision while performing in various “industrial” bands, including Shrilltower, Impact Test and a brief stint in reunited Milwaukee stalwarts Boy Dirt Car. In addition to his performances, touring and studio work, Palouček has also labored on and expedited the release of many recordings by other artists, including several earlier works by Boy Dirt Car, an archival series by Milwaukee's Violent Femmes, and Germany’s Einstürzende Neubauten. Recent musical collaborations have included a nearly completed record with pioneering industrial percussionist Z’EV, and contributions to a new magnum opus from renowned Irish artist/composer Daniel Figgis. Figgis will also make a contribution to Palouček’s next solo release, which, Palouček says, is coming along “swimmingly.”

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